08 February 2009

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10 November 2006

I have moved to ahmadtaufik.wordpress.com

Friends, i have now moved to http://ahmadtaufik.wordpress.com, all latest blog and info about myself can be view at amd.Taufik

12 August 2006


wow, what an experience. 1st time in my life aku pergi urut nie. fyi, ini bukan urut main main punyer. urut betul ok.

played badminton early in the morning, send my mum's car to a workshop, then followed my fren for "urut", bring his father in law along. yang nak urut nyer father in law dia. aku tumpang ajer. pergi sampai ke rawang.

mula mula dia yang di urut dulu, aku tengok ajer, mak aih orang yang dah biasa kena urut pun mngerang kesakitan, aku pun cuak jugak ah. nasib baik bilik tuh ada aircond, kalau tidak memang berpeluh ah jugak ...

then time aku plak kena urut, wooo, sakit giler babe, aku memang meraung sekuat kuat nyer. mklumlah tak pernah urut + banyak angin dalam badan nie. mengelupur aku.

mula mula dia start urut tulang belakang, masa start pegang sikit ajer, tukang urut nie cakap memang banyak angin, dan memang sakit giler ah masa dia tolak angin tu kluar. tak pernah rasa sedap, paling sakit kat kaki lah, memang ketar aku dibuat nyer. aduh sakit babe ...

lepas tuh dia urut perut, dia cakap aku nie ada gestrik, memang btul pun. sejak kecik lagi. kata nyer gestrik nie bahaya kalau dibiarkan, dia akan membengkak, dan kalau melarat akan turun ke “telur”. so kepada yang gestrik, makan elok elok, jangan skip, bahaya weh.

tukung urut tuh cakap dia tak boleh urut aku betu betul, sebab banyak angin sangat, dan aku mungkin demam nanti, si dia urut sikit sikit ajer, itu pun aku dah mengelupur & ketar. memang sakit tapi berbaloi ...

26 July 2006

malaysian googled?

got an email from jobstreet today. they where ranking number 6 among most of the webpage googled by malaysian. the statistic was given by google independent stat.

anyway below are the top 15 googled by malaysian ...

  1. berita harian
  2. harian metro
  3. utusan malaysia
  4. feng shui
  5. american idol
  6. jobstreet
  7. wedding speeches
  8. jawatan kosong
  9. politeknik
  10. wikipedia
  11. astrology
  12. siti nurhaliza
  13. air asia
  14. maybank2u
  15. uitm
for thoose who is looking into internet business or internet money, maybe this top 15 list can give you some idea of what kind of web page you should have. :)

25 July 2006

.my name

it will be intresting if we can have a 2nd level domain name as our website name, dont you think so? i'm intrested in getting a new webiste name "taufik.my" but at the moment our current MYNIC provider does not allow that to happen.

Well they are working on it ... (here is the reply from them)

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for your e-mail.

Please be informed that the 2nd Level Domain (i.e .my) is not available for registration yet.

However, we have just ended with the 2nd Public Consultation Paper on it. We would appreciate it if you could kindly refer to our recent announcement made on 11th Jan 2006

Any development on this proposed service will be emailed to our customers prior to launch.

Thank you,